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Modou J

Talent ID: 116010
I have always had an interest in acting and I did a lot of on stage (drama) acting. But I wanted to take it to another level, i.e acting in films as my ultimate goal is to become a full time actor someday. To achieve my goal, I realized that I need the exposure and that is when I read about Nine9. I applied, got a call the next day and I got approved to join the family in November. Nine9 saw the talent and skill set in me, knew exactly what I wanted and got to work right away. I like how fast members of Nine9 work, that tells me how serious they are to help talented people like me. Less than 3 weeks after I joined Nine9, they got me an extra role ‘House of Cards’ the Netflix original series. I know this is just the beginning of the exposure I need to achieve my goal, and I am very excited. I wanted to personally thank Ashaunty Biaz, Jennifer Travez, Kaley Richards and Victoria Haranczak for their help!

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