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Matthew S

Talent ID: 102298
Hi my name is Matthew Sumner and I came to Nine9 a year ago. I had a lady come up to me and say "have you ever looked into modeling before?" So after that I found Nine9 and they were very well known and sounded like the place to go if this was something I wanted to pursue! So I got in contact and they had me come in so I could find out if I could actually do this. So here I am, a year later and so many different opportunities that they had set me up with. They had found so many movie auditions that I got to try for, which has been great experience. Since being with Nine9 I have tried out for many movies and modeling jobs. My greatest experience was for Russ Ford- a photographer for a sports and athletics photo shoot. I have had multiple shoots with him and have had a blast every time. My most recent film audition was for for "Living Edge" and I got a part as one of the players on the basketball team! The most recent photo shoot/fashion show I was contacted about is the Massacre fashion show in Detroit. I would have never gotten to this point without an open mind to everything. I came into this only for modeling but through that I have done acting as well. Without Nine9 I know I would have never had these opportunities. So if you are looking for representatives that are really good at what they do, then Nine9 is what you're looking for.

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