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Marie H

Talent ID: 138772
Thank you NINE9!! I was an extra for Chicago Fire this Spring. Wow! My experience was awesome. I had a lot of fun and everyone was very, very nice and very professional. This was my first time as an Extra for television. I was just so, so happy they chose me as an Extra, now I’m seeing that the door is opening up for me. I’m wearing confidence every day, and I know that something else is coming my way. I’d like to give a big, big thanks to the Nine9 Chicago staff! They saw a lot of talent and worked with me. Thank you, you’re the best!!!!!

And special thanks to Kat, the photographer for Nine9 in Chicago. My photo shoot was amazing and Kat made me feel special, she was always saying things like “wow Marie, you take nice pictures!” She would snap the first picture and say “wow” every time she clicked her camera at me. It was “wow, wow, wow” the whole time. The most beautiful thing Kat told me which stole my heart was when she said “Marie, you are going to make it!” A tear was in my eye hearing that.

And last but not least, Angela Lee, the casting agent for Nine9. Thank you Angela Lee for the great job that you do for Nine9 and thank you for all the emails about my casting matches. And Angela, I’d like to thank all the industry people that had interest in me, that was a huge sign that someone is going to pick me. Thank you all. You are so professional and have an extraordinary eye for talent and making people’s dreams come true like me. When Nine9 says it, it is so true and I’m a proof and I believe it. I can see there will be more assignments coming my way and I owe it all to Nine9. I would like to thank you all for being interested in me and my talent. I see myself going far, thank you Nine9 in Chicago, IL. You guys are the BEST!!!

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