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Lorena C

Talent ID: 119304
Hi! I am very happy to announce that I am working with I Rock Fashion and Daniel Robert. My first fashion show was on June 26th and it was a wonderful experience; the applause from the audience and connecting with the audience is something I love. I am happy with this project and look forward to many more. Meanwhile I continue to learn because you never stop learning. I keep working to make my dreams come true.

*Update* Hi Nine9 Family! I just want to share with you that the casting you sent me for, a short film of "Bully-Cide", well I was hired and started filming on January 19th. The message of the movie is strong but it is also something that happens in schools every day. It is a wonderful experience!

*Update* Hi. I'm very excited to announce you that I was hired by Black Fashion Week USA.My first show with them was on February 25th and it was a wonderful experience! We received a three class modeling course valued at $350.00 that helped me to develop technique, personality, how to project, have good posture, good attitude and confidence in myself.

*Update* I have been with Nine9 for 2 years and I have been hired by two companies to model, I Rock Fashion and Black Fashion Week USA I was sent to a casting for a movie and I was hired for the role of Mya and I still receive emails to daily where I get auditions for different things and opportunities NINE9 from Chicago keeps me informed about the different auditions I might be interested in. Every day I get new casting updates!

*Update* Hi. The audition that Nine9 sent Lorena to in Peoria ended up giving her the information for the movie “Mya”. We are very happy that Lorena was part of this project and she filmed in April!

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