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Leslie L

Talent ID: 147440
I'm Les: 26 years old with a beautiful personality and outstanding work ethic. I really appreciate Nine9 for giving me the tools and opportunity to start a new journey. Although this has always been a passion of mine, I haven't always had the time. Plus, I had never really been given a chance to be in front of the camera like my dream has always been! Whether it's being a model, an actress, an anchor, or an entertainer of some sort, I look forward to being able to say I started here with Nine9 the UNagency!

So far Nine 9's staff has been very friendly and helpful! In fact my representative, Andrew, was very positive and gave great advice! His honesty was a great asset as well! Modeling has always been a secret passion of mine and I know its a career worth putting forth my time and effort. I felt like this would be a good place to start, especially after being called right back right after applying for a simple open call.

Thank you Nine! I look forward to being able to come update my report with amazing news from the red carpet!

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