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Klayresse R

Talent ID: 125278
This summer I decided to register with Nine9 in New York. It wasn't only to find out what I could do, it was because I really needed to stretch my artistic strengths even more. So for a few months I started applying for castings and was called in to two castings and I was so excited (even though I didn't get chosen for either part). That didn't stop me from trying though. One day in November I was contacted by a well-known company for a sexy hair modeling show and I was booked! It was the most amazing feeling I have felt in a long time not to mention how amazing the experience was and how many friends I made.

What I would encourage everyone to do is to apply to every casting, every chance you get. Nine9 isn't only a network for casting a show and getting it over with, it’s also a network for finding a great opportunity at life and making new talented friends.

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