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Jeremy W

Talent ID: 151768
I stumbled upon Nine9 The UnAgeny. I did some research and signed with Nine9 on February 23, 2019. They introduced me to an amazing professional atmosphere, and an UnAgency that could be found not only in Dallas, but Detroit, Atlanta, Chicago, Houston, Miami, New York, and Washington DC. This is what I had been looking for, and they were apparently looking for someone that wanted to pursue their Acting Dreams. Exactly ONE MONTH after signing with Nine9 The UnAgeny as a Talent and Model. I decided to focus on Acting. Exactly One Month later I was booked in as an extra on March 23, 2019. Within 20 minutes on set filming "GLOSSOLALIA", Director Rodriguez pulls me aside and asks me if I wanted to play the role of the main character in "GLOSSOLALIA". I was professional, representing Nine9, and that's what completed the deal. I was rewarded with playing John The Follower in "GLOSSOLALIA", by Rodriguez. I enjoyed everything about the shoot and the people I met. I received Credit and listed on IMDb as TOP BILLED CAST. The movie Director, Rodriguez, also listed me in the Movie Credits. The main top character Movie Credits of seven Actors, there were 144 total Actors for "GLOSSOLALIA" 2019 I was delighted. "GLOSSOLALIA" is in the Film Festival Circuit now and has been the Official Selection for 16 FILM FESTIVALS, all over the United States. Award-winning GLOSSOLALIA has won 4 awards, including WINNER OF BEST SHORT TOP INDIE FILM AWARD 2019, and WINNER OF BEST SOUND TOP INDIE FILM AWARD. Also The San Antonio film commission AWARD. This raised my IMDb Star Meter to 34,123. This also looked great on my Actors Resume! Which in turn made it easy to then do a commercial for the new Southwestern Medical Center. Which then lead me to book in December for a WINDSTAR CASINO commercial. GREAT FUN, MEETING NEW PEOPLE IN THE INDUSTRY AND CAN BE GREAT PAY. I am currently filming a futuristic steampunk sci-fi movie called "TANTALUM", by director Gonzalez. I play KINDRED, the main male character role. In "TANTALUM" I have a LINE ASSISTANT, Jason Krass, who gives me my lines before each shoot, which is very helpful and informative working with Director Gonzalez.   I am personally Thankful for Nine9 Assistants, they are always there to answer any questions and they seriously helped me by showing me how to put together my Actors Resume. Thank you Sincerely Nine9. Jeremy Wade

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