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Jazmine G

Talent ID: 120094
Our Dallas talent, Jazmine was selected for Texas Flip N' Move, a show on the DIY (Do-It-Yourself) Network. Jazmine had a great experience on set, she was happy with how personable and professional both the ‘flippers' and the shows production team were. Texas Flip N' Move is show that pits teams of real estate flippers against each other as they race to take a house and renovate it for profit. Once the ‘flippers' purchase the house they have to first move it from its location to another prior to renovation and try not to damage the home in the move. Once it reaches its destination the home then undergoes a fast-paced and intense remodel, done under a strict time limit, which is designed to maximize the homes' value. Once time is up, the home then goes to auction, the team of ‘flippers' with the greatest profit wins. Check out Jazmine's Comp Card and see if you can recognize her on Texas Flip N' Move!

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