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Frank C

Talent ID: 29099
I’ve had an amazing seven years with Nine9.I started out as just a background actor.< I went to all the Meet and Greets that Nine9 offered and there I learned how to master an audition. Next job I landed was as a featured talent in a music video. The more classes I took, the better my skills got. Finally, I landed a commercial and my life changed forever. I kept getting bigger and better roles. Then it happened, I was a bad guy in a Batman movie (the most expensive fight scene of all time). I’ve since done voice overs and modeling. I starred in a horror movie and right now I'm filming a comedy movie for kids. When directors and producers know you’re in the Nine9 family, they treat you better and give you instant respect. I love where my career is going, and I can’t wait to see what tomorrow brings.

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