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Denise M

Talent ID: 56465
My experience with Nine9 The UnAgency is an unbelievable one. Being with this company, you may have your ups and downs and thinking that you will never get a call, but just holding faith in God and Nine9, I was chosen to be in Glamour Magazine's swimsuit edition. Receiving that phone call from Ms. Angela from Nine9 was shocking- especially when she told me that I was selected to be part of Glamour Magazine photoshoot! I was so lost for words that I wanted to cry. I kept thinking over and over, is this real. I couldn't believe that a big time magazine company wanted to work with me. That was a blessing and a start into my career as an actress/model. I arrived there at the hotel where Glamour Magazine was holding their shoot and I was ready for whatever they had planned for me. Just walking in the room I felt nothing but positive energy. Everyone, including the models, were very friendly. I'm not allowed to speak about details of the shoot but this is something I will never forget and I hope to get to work with them more. And thank you again to Nine9 and especially Ms. Angela. You guys really do make some dreams come true.

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