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Daniel O

Talent ID: 149113
Dear Nine9 Agency,

I am extremely ecstatic about the opportunity that is ahead of me: to finally reveal a special talent that needs investing in from a large, growing industry such as this one! Honestly, there is not much experience that I obtained that is intertwined within this career field, but I have decided to take the next big step in my life to set aside other job opportunities and invest in my acting talents. MY VOICE is highly recognized in whatever setting I am present in. It never gets overlooked when I began to speak and converse back and forth with others and the attention it brings. There are a bevy of compliments and suggestions that are thrown my way for me to utilize what I have and to let my voice be heard! I have the moxie and the assured talent to be behind the cameras/microphones and act as a professional and flourish into a passionate, successful career!


Daniel O.

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