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Dan M

Talent ID: 99627
I just wanted to say that I have been very successful with Nine9. I started with a few shows and movies and about to start another show next month. This will be the 4th season I have been on. I’m just so very thankful for Nine9 The UnAgency and my success in the acting industry.

I love Nine9, I have gotten multiple projects. One of the biggest projects that I’ve gotten from Nine9 was a TV show called Turn on AMC and I was on the show for four seasons, which took four years. Working on the set of AMC was amazing the crew was very helpful and the actors were great! Overall, it was a great experience! It felt unbelievable being able to film with these amazing actors and being part of an amazing film series on AMC. My audition for AMC was a recorded camera reading; I was reading some lines from the script and that was pretty much the audition! Then I got a call back a few days later saying I got the part!

My favorite casting that I’ve worked on was Fast and the Furious 8 because it was full of action and I got to meet Vin Diesel and The Rock. I have been in fitness magazines, fashion shows, and commercials as well. I also submit myself for castings using my Nine9 account and attend work shops.

My experience with Nine9 has been amazing and the staff has been very outgoing and supportive.

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