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Chris G

Talent ID: 118694
My name is Chris Gill, and since I have been with Nine9 I have already been offered a role as a Police Detective in an upcoming short film called "Trust no One".  I was a Police Officer and was critically injured in the line of duty. As a result, I was never able to be a Detective again. My back was broken in 6 places from being run over by a motor vehicle while working undercover.  It took me years to get back to a some what normal life.  I then became a Private Investigator and was offered a spot in an upcoming television series called "Hell Town".  Here, we investigated unsolved satanic ritual crimes and tried to solve cold cases and a short trailer was filmed and put out by Eastern Productions/TV.  Unfortunately, it has not been picked up yet, but fingers crossed, it will soon. I came to Nine9 and was welcomed into what I hope will be a new successful career in the industry.  Thanks to Nine9, I could very well be living my dream of being an actor real soon.  Thanks to Victoria, Cassie and the rest of the crew for giving me these opportunities. I feel very blessed.  THANK YOU ALL FOR YOUR SUPPORT!!

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