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Chewann H

Talent ID: 135222
Hi my name is Chewann Hammitte and I auditioned for the new hit show Empire. I had a small role as a Mall Patron, and I got a chance to meet Cookie and Tisha Campbell. I had a really great time dancing to a video they put together for the show. I’m looking forward to playing another role on the show. Thanks!

Hi, my name is Chewann Hammitte and I'm a model for Nine9 modeling in Chicago. I would like to share my experience filming as a Surgical Nurse on the TV show Chicago Med. In this particular show, I got a chance to work with some of the stars performing surgery on a patient to remove his kidney. Working with the crew was a great experience and I enjoyed being with them on Chicago Med. They are a crew that makes you feel comfortable and like family.

Nine9 is very helpful and sends me auditions that fit my profile. I would definitely recommend Nine9 to everyone who is interested in finding an amazing agency. I would love to audition for a major speaking role on Chicago Med. I would like to thank my agency and I appreciate all the support they have given me.

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