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Chandra H

Talent ID: 111699
Before I discovered Nine9 I did shoots with Ron Marion, Marion studios, who was my mentor, he taught me many skills and I am forever grateful for his help. Ron and I created beautiful work but I started to get antsy. I wanted to take my modeling career to the next level- I wanted to be seen and then I found Nine9. Ever since I started with Nine9 my modeling career has drastically grown. Thanks to Nine9 I have done promotional work for Gypsy Vodka, Pepsi and The Townsend Hotel, I’ve been on Fox2 news twice, I was an extra in Ovid the art of love where I met Corbin Bleu, was able to meet and shoot with the Jane Patrick with makeup & hair by the amazing Vera- all in a few months being with Nine9.  If it wasn't for Nine9 I would not have had the opportunities and experiences that they have given me. Thanks to Nine9 my name is out there, I've met so many amazing people and have memories I'll never forget. Also Nine9 genuinely cares about their talent, constantly sending emails and keeping in touch, they even work around my financial situation to make sure I am able to have some experiences. They want you to be successful and there are always events going on and a lot of opportunities- not just for models but actors, singers and dancers as well. They also provide meet and greets and workshops to help you advance your skills. Nine9 was the best thing that has happened to me I am forever grateful and have nothing but love for Nine9!

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