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Candace S

Talent ID: 122884
Hi! My name is Candace Shinall. I have been signed up with Nine9 since June 30, 2016. It has been awesome! I had my photo shoot with JR West that was amazing! Since being with Nine9, I have been booked for the “Leisure Seeker” movie as a hotel guest, the “Vampire Diaries” for the Belle Diner scene, for the “Lucky Logan” movie as a race fan shooting over three days and now for “The Case” as a church member! So, since being signed with Nine9, my dream and goal of becoming an actress is coming true! I thank them for all that I have been booked and I am excited about more bookings on the way! It has been an amazing learning and growing experience and a wonderful opportunity meeting actors and actresses! I am beyond excited about everything else on the way!

I did an audition for a web series in Atlanta! It was an awesome opportunity! I look forward to hearing back from them about the results! Thanks Nine9!

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