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Brandon S

Talent ID: 145903
If you haven’t read the book called “#Nine9er”, I'd suggest you give it a try. It isn’t bad. I hadn’t posted a testimonial because I haven’t ever believed it's what someone needs to see before they decide to become successful in the entertainment field. You need to find your own motivation to become more than how you see yourself and how others think of you. TAKE THE LEAP. When you become a part of NINE9 at first, it's a bit of a cost. That also comes with a little bit of a boost in confidence.

I'm a MODEL, I'm an ACTOR, I'm a MUSICIAN; all the above. What happens next depends on you. You need to instill that confidence into YOURSELF. You get a taste of confidence when you are accepted by NINE9. They selected you out of BIG number of applicants who came before. They give you the tools you need to get started. After that, YOU determine where your career goes. The rest is making yourself feel you deserve it. You need a platform to begin your career, NINE9 gives you that with castings. You are as confident as you make yourself. Confidence is the most attractive cologne/perfume you can wear in this world. I got my second casting today. I know you guys can get it too, you have to be positive and portray that confidence I spoke of earlier. I felt the need to share my positivity with you all today.

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