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Angela B

Talent ID: 148131
The experience at the office was great! Friendly environment and welcoming. My Nine9 Representative, Tajh, made me feel very comfortable and gave me uplifting, positive feedback. Staff are super cool with all guests, and so cordial.

I was so honored to be selected to participate at one of the local hair show’s Trainer of Trainers event at John Paul Mitchell Systems. I was one of the two models on stage who received a complete hair makeover. Here are some pictures of that day! They fell in love with my hair, and they couldn't believe I am almost 42 years old!

The JPM crew was amazing! Mohogany was my stylist and she was full of energy and positive vibes. This session was called Trainer of Trainers, where they demonstrated techniques for curly hair (me) and straight hair. I felt unbelievably famous and they showered me with compliments of my new hairdo! It was such a cool experience.

I felt amazing, powerful and so honored! About 50 trainers were staring at my stylist, watching her work magic on my hair. They were touching my new style and asking great questions. They took a ton of pictures, posted stories on Instagram, gifted me with free JPM products, and they paid me for my service.

The audition had about 25 girls and only 18 were selected for the social media transformation stories. Two girls (including me) were selected to be the stage models for the live transformation. They told me I had one of the best hair types and they wanted me as soon as I walked in the room!

I have booked photo shoots plus acting and modeling opportunities including a gig with JC Penney, a Netflix documentary, and several contracts with other photographers. I also auditioned for a short film called Harvest and I got the role for a mother of a teen who was murdered. Even though I have very little experience, they said I was very natural and convincing! I also signed up for the upcoming training workshop at Nine9, "Know Your Angles", I’m looking forward to it!

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