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Alphonso S

Talent ID: 112074
I have been a talent with Nine 9 for just a few short months, I have never modeled outside my own bathroom mirror or acted a day in my life!  Within my first week of signing up with the company I was cast in a movie role, as The Executioner, in Ovid and the Art of Love which is due to come out in 2016. Shortly after that I auditioned for the Walk fashion show, where five hundred other people came out to audition as well, I was fortunate enough to be selected with about one hundred other people to model in one of the largest fashion shows in the Midwest. I'm always receiving casting and audition offers since becoming a talent at Nine 9. If it had not been for Nine 9 I would not have been blessed with the opportunities I have had so far. I never knew in a million years that I would actually be acting and modeling, you never know what happens until you try, thanks Nine 9!

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