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Aimee S

Talent ID: 119874
Hi, my name is Aimee Smith, Talent ID 119874. I have been with Nine9 Troy location for almost 3 years. I first off want to commend all the talent scouts all who are incredible angels. 3 years ago, in Open Call they believed in me and they still do. I love you all! I love walking in the Troy location and they hug you and they have taught me so much. I am Nine9 and I love you all and thank all of you. I have been chosen for a commercial and drama and modeling. I want to know thru perseverance and confidence and faith in the Lord, I came a long way with this agency. I am still submitting to many castings and I have to say all are responding to me. Thank you Nine9 for believing in me, loving me and teaching me all you have. I'll always be a Nine9 success.

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