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Brandon M

Talent ID: 116493
Being the skeptical and cautious type, I was very hesitant when I was approached by Nine9. I was the type to think everything was a scam. But since being with them, I have seen a BIG boost in my life. I never saw myself as getting into the acting world. But with the team at Nine9, I have already had numerous auditions, and have actually now been cast as a lead role in a new series called "Bruthas" as Detric Williams, teacher/aspiring artist. I have many more auditions coming up and can't wait to venture into the music side of the business with my new Nine9 family! They really stood behind their word to help me get ahead in my career as artist/actor. I look forward to the future with Nine9 and all the possibilities to come. Thank you Nine9 family for helping me expand and get my name out into the world. Here's to the future and beyond!!

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