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Staying Focused During the Summer by Searching for Seasonal Work

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It’s summer and it’s tempting to sit back and relax, worry-free.  But you’ve probably heard the entertainment industry never sleeps.  This means that you can enjoy the summer sun, but you’ll still need to stay out there picking up work.  

In fact, there are some gigs that get busier during the summer, including beachwear photoshoots, movies set in this season, and those set in warm locales.  There are still plenty of opportunities to stay busy.  So, there’s every reason to pick up seasonal work while you can.

Summer comes with some of its own expectations in some cases.  If you’re hoping to take on an outdoor photoshoot, especially one in your bathing suit, you’ll probably want to spend some of your time toning up at the gym or by running under the sun.  You’ll have to be mindful of not get a sunburn, though, or tan lines that will limit what you’re able to take on.  You’ll also need to make sure you don’t get dehydrated so you’re able to keep your energy up on set.  

Brand ambassadors and promotional models also have plenty of chances to sign up for events and represent clients by interacting with customers and passing out flyers and other materials.  There are many summer activities in which clients need help managing large crowds.  This could be the best season to book work.

Music festivals also pop up everywhere in the summer.  People are out and about, looking for a good time.  This is a great way to mix and mingle, work and listen to some tunes at the same time.  You may be able to maximize your return by getting into fun events for free on top of meals and hourly pay.  Work overtime and make even more while sticking around for the end of the show.  

You can also consider taking on character gigs at children’s parties and plays at outdoor amphitheaters.  Local zoos, parks, and other venues often have shows that are scheduled throughout the day, on certain days, or on scheduled weekends.  There’s a possibility to keep a steady schedule performing in each of the shows.

Scope out some work this summer while the weather’s nice.  Don’t worry, you’ll still have time to hang out with friends.  Finding a balance between attending events and making a buck or two sounds like the perfect way to really enjoy the season!

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