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Stars Who Took the Long Road to Success

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It might come as a surprise that many A-listers were pursuing other careers when they just happened to find their entertainment niche.  Here are a few celebrities who were once vying for much different roles than the ones that helped them make it big.

Samuel L. Jackson.  A tough, action film actor, this one’s a bit tough to imagine.  Jackson was actually pursuing a career in theater when he was spotted and pinned for film.  Before that even, Jackson went to college for marine biology.  What a different turn his career took!

Will Smith.  The music-oriented Smith wanted to be a rapper before he became one of Hollywood’s best-known actors.  This may not come as a huge shock for those who were fans of The Fresh Prince of Bel Aire in which Smith can be seen rapping a catchy intro tune.  Thus, in his well-known debut, he was able to marry both acting and rapping, creating a win-win.

Sofia Vergara.  This actress with a notably perfect smile was studying dentistry in Colombia when she must have turned enough heads in her classes to make the switch to modeling and acting.  Her first big break was a role for a Pepsi commercial which aired in Spanish when she was 17.

Patrick Demsey.  This uber-famous actor was making it big in the juggling world before he transitioned to another form of entertainment altogether.  Demsey received international attention for his skills, landing in second place in the International Jugglers Competition as well as the Junior Division two consecutive years in a row in the early ‘80s.

Whoopie Goldberg.  Famed for her work in the Sister Act movies, as well as a multitude of other notable roles, Goldberg had some much different plans before those in Hollywood.  She was working as a morgue beautician when she made it big.  Prior to that, Goldberg was flexing her muscles as a bricklayer.  Who knew?!

Hugh Jackson.  Would you want to come to gym class if it were being led by Wolverine?  Well, some students had no choice.  Jackson was working as a physical education teacher prior to entering the entertainment world.  As a side note, he also worked as a party clown.  You have to start somewhere, right.

Seems these stars were destined for fame whether they knew it at first or not.  They just had to open their minds to the possibility of making a change.  After all, you have to make a choice to take a chance or your life will never change.  Take a cue from Hollywood’s hottest!

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