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Spring and Summer 2018’s Hottest Fashion Trends

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Style-watchers, getting ready for some new, exciting spring and summer fashions soon-to-be found at a store near you.  Let’s take a look at the latest fashions your likely to spot as soon as flowers start to bloom, according to Harper’s Bazaar.

Sequins.  No more blending into the background.  Sequins are all the rage this year.  Rock these shiny gems on your tops, bottoms, handbags, or hats.  Sequins can easily be added to just about any ware for just the right amount of flare.

Pastels.  Think cotton candy and rainbow sherbet in the summertime.  Season-appropriate with Easter just around the corner, pastels are hitting the streets.  Look for light pinks, blues, and purples, calmer greens, and yellows.  These colors can be hinted at under greys, blacks, and whites, or boldly worn by themselves.  Couple with pastel nails and accessories for extra attention.

Bold and bright.  If you prefer to stand out with brighter-than-pastel options, fear not.  There will be many bold colors on the racks.  Luminous yellow, bright blue, and cardinal red will loudly announce your arrival.  Wear the colors head to toe and intermix options to make a more daring statement.

Patterns.  2018 brings new pattern options, such as checkers and plaid.  Commonly found in scarfs and button-downs, these patterns will be more readily available in a wide variety of attire.  Pick up a pair of plaid and pleated pants or a school-girl like skirt.

Fringe and Sheer.  Did you picture a wedding veil?  These fashion must-haves easily evoke a light, whimsical feel.  Fringes will be added to the bottoms of shirts and skirts and to matching handbags, and sheer tops will overlay one-color tanks.  A lightweight cover-up is a perfect option for topping your bathing suit, too.

Ruffles.  What doesn’t include fringe is likely to include ruffles.  Layered looks will adorn shirts and skirts for added interest, and they will be prominent in party dresses.

Shiny Shoes.  You don’t have to be a Disney princess to have fairy-tale shoes in your wardrobe.  The season’s sequins can be found on new footwear, as well as glitzy colors and glitter.  Grab a pair of shiny silver or glamorous gold.  Plastic shoes will also be popular this year.

Plastic.  Speaking of plastic, it’s not just for parkas anymore.  Waterproof plastic has been creatively incorporated into a wide variety of looks.  There will be see-through bags and boots, and shiny solid outfits.  Plastic jewelry can be added to complete this unique look.

Taking a gander at any retailer’s wardrobe changes as the weather changes will easily give you a better understanding of how each of these options are being released.  You may find one or two most appealing or become instantly entranced by all.  Embrace or replace your outdated options, swapping for new as you see fit!

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