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Skilled Actors Make Audiences Forget They are Acting

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Because the best actors are able to grab an audience’s attention and evoke some kind of emotion, it is common for people to think that they can connect with what these stars are doing – acting is easy.  The biggest hurdles seen by those who haven’t tried it for themselves is line memorization and public speaking.  If you can stay confident and practice the lines enough, the rest will come naturally.

It often comes as a surprise to budding actors, therefore, that this profession takes a ton of work.  Hollywood and Broadway A-listers go through intense training in order to come across on screen or stage as if they are not trying at all.  In this way, the mere fact that they are able to create such a façade is the result of hard work and dedication.  

The best actors don’t want their skills to look forced.  Acting, like any other creative venture, takes a solid understanding of what it means to pull this off – knowledge that is instilled in stars through extensive training.  While it is easy to identify the training that goes into being a renowned musician, sports player, or many other professions, the very nature of being skilled at acting will make this hard to identify.

Those who have made the decision to pursue this art form understand fairly quickly it’s not just a matter of memorizing lines and being able to deliver speech confidently.  It’s about the journey pursued to get to that point.  It’s about bringing a story to life in such a way that regardless of how unbelievable the imagery may be, it’s still believable to an audience.  No matter how fantastical the fictional world created, the actor’s role in it must fit.

An actor must make choices regarding how to execute their lines rather than simply memorizing them.  There has to be emotion tied to the words.  In this way, the character comes to life and the audience can connect, even long after the performance.  Those who remember their lines but deliver them flatly cannot possibility create this connection with an audience, and this is when the fact that an actor really is “just an actor” is evident.  An audience will often leave citing the cast’s poor skills and the production will flop.  

Those who are able to get to the point in their career in which they can deliver a role without an audience realizing it’s a role have truly made it.  This takes immense skill and dedication to the craft.

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