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Short Film Casting Talent in Dallas

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Casting Directors are looking for aspiring or established actors to play significant roles in an upcoming movie filming in Dallas, Texas.

“Woke” is the story of valedictorian named Armani. Amidst a racially driven student-body boycott of graduation, for which he has chosen to ignore, he experiences injustice. Up until that point he did not fully realize racial discrimination still existed.

Submission Deadline: June 6th, 2017

Where: Dallas, Texas

Pay Rate: Dependent on Role

Production Location: Dallas/Fort Worth
Production Start Date: 11/10/2017
Production Wrap Date: 11/13/2017
Production Schedule: 4 Days

Character Breakdowns:

Armani Jackson (Lead)
– Armani is a handsome young man who exudes intellect. He is a good old southern boy. He doesn’t wish to be judged by his race so chooses to suppress it.
– Race/Sex: African American/Male
– Age: Early 20’s

Whitney (Supporting)
– Breakdown: Whitney is a rebel at heart who’s stern and seemingly unapproachable. She’s a woman of both pride and intelligence.
– Race/Sex: African American/Female
– Age: Early 20’s

Jake (Supporting)
– Armani’s best friend and former roommate who harbor’s feelings for Sam and ill thoughts for Armani.
– Race/Sex: White/Male
– Age: Early 20’s

Sam (Supporting)
– Sam’s a beautiful young lady who carries feelings for Armani.
– Race/Sex: White/Female
– Age: Early 20’s

– Age: Early 20’s

Crew Positions Needed
– Assistant Director – $100/Day
– Director of Photography – $100/Day
– Assistant Camera – $50/Day
– Gaffer – $75/Day
– Sound (Set) – $50/Day

Email Address for Cast / Crew Submissions:
Submissions will be accepted until 06/07/2017.

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