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Nine9 is Revolutionizing the Entertainment Industry!

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Picture this: You just wrapped up a meeting with a noteworthy and well-respected talent agent. You proudly showed them your resume and headshot, and you were promised a follow-up phone call within the week. As days turn into weeks and even months, that excitement quickly sours as you realize that you’re never going to be getting a call back. Now you’re left wondering where to even go next.

As disheartening as this rejection is, it’s the reality for hundreds of thousands of actors and models every single day. Being an actor or a model is not an easy career path to pursue. It requires constant work, research, diligence, and optimism to carry someone from audition to audition. Of all the talent in the country, only a small fraction are chosen by agents to be represented. So where does that leave the rest of us who are fighting tooth and nail to follow our dreams?

Nine9 is here to be your foot in the door. We’re a talent company that believes in the 99% of actors and models whose hard work and ambition goes overlooked. We want to help you grow, and the last thing we want is for your potential to be discouraged or, worse yet, go to waste.

There are a lot of misconceptions concerning what we offer as a service. This is because no other company currently does what we do. For decades, there have only been so many options for aspiring actors and models looking to break into the business. Here at Nine9, we are revolutionizing that process. Change always brings its fair share of naysayers and doubt, so we’d like to clear the air about who we are and what we have to offer aspiring actors and models.

“Isn’t Nine9 just another talent agency?” No, we are not. Most talent agencies consist of a small number of agents who each represent a small number of talent. Agents specifically weed out hundreds of thousands of people to find the ones they believe have star power. “Star power”, in most cases, often means years of professional experience, connections with other powerful people in the industry, and quite a bit of money on hand. For every thousand people who audition for an agent, maybe one is chosen.

A lot of talented actors and models, however, don’t have the resume, network, or money to stand out to an agent. It’s a cutthroat business, and agents won’t just take anyone who doesn’t live up to their own standards, regardless of talent. Nine9 believes that everyone who is serious and committed should have a shot at achieving their dreams. If you lack the experience, our dedicated team of professional photographers, trainers, and casting department experts can help you get the experience!

We can’t promise that we’ll make you a star overnight, but we will provide you with the tools and platform to help you succeed. Thousands of actors and models have gotten their start through Nine9, utilizing our four step proven process to gain exposure, stand out from the crowd, and build their skillset.

If you’re ready to pursue your dream, visit and fill out an application today!

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