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5 Ways to Prepare for Your Commercial Shoot

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Creating a commercial requires more than just memorizing lines. The intent of a commercial is to educate a potential consumer on a certain product. An actor is called upon to build the desire for the product. Filming a commercial can be an intimidating ordeal, but you can take some easy steps to make yourself look like a star right away.  Here are a few tips to deliver a quality commercial:

1. Understand the product

Understanding the product for which the commercial is created is important for the actor. This makes it easy to create convincing expressions with the knowledge about the product.  Knowing how to use the product and knowing the background can make it much easier for everyone. This can be achieved through research on the product and asking the manufacturer so that you find all the information you need.

2. Use convincing tone

You must use an engaging and exciting tone to hook the viewers on the product.  If you are personally excited about what you are selling, then the product and your commercial will have a much better chance to stick with potential customers. Your actions and words should be convincing, making consumers think that you fully understand the product and use it yourself.

3. Personalizing the script

The script that will be used is meant to provide the consumer with as much information as possible while staying witty and exciting. Personalizing the script will help make you seem genuine and will impress the directors.  Don’t change the script, but adapt to the words and try to put your own spin on an action or line.  In other words, use your unique personality to make the commercial special.

4. Understanding the target audience

The consumer is the most important part of the commercial. For the commercial to reach its goals, it must know its target audience.  The actor needs to identify with the consumer so that they can relate to you and the product.  You don’t want to have a “tough or sexy” attitude if you are promoting a product that is directed toward senior citizens.  You need to understand the product and know what type of people will be interested in purchasing so that you can adjust your demeanor appropriately.

5. Choosing the right background

Background setting when filming the commercial is important. It must reflect the product being promoted.  A product designed for students should not have a background showing farmers.  Having the right background will ensure the target audience is able to relate easily with the product and put it into perspective.

When it comes to being successful in modeling or acting in a commercial, you want to be prepared. If you do your research, you will be able to walk into the room with confidence because you know the product and the target audience.  Make sure to adapt to the script so that you show your personality. Finally, have fun with the product and the way you sell it!

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