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Preparing for a Modeling Agency Interview

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What aspiring models tend to think of when they consider submitting to a modeling agency is perfecting that headshot and showing up professionally dressed.  However, this limited information leaves much to the imagination.  What, exactly, are agencies looking for?  If you are called in for an interview, how should you dress?

First of all, if you get a call from an agency hoping to have you come in, that’s a big deal – congratulations!  Now, it’s important to shine when you walk through that door.  You’ll want to look just as good in person as you do in your photo.

There is a standard way to dress for these types of interviews, believe it or not, so not all agencies are going to specify how they expect you to present.  If you are hoping to sign a contract, chances are the decision-makers are going to expect you already have the dress code down pat.   

In general, agents want to see you show up naturally good-looking, photogenic, and put together.  Keeping it simple is key. You should wear well-made jeans or a pair of black slacks.  Don’t put on a prom dress to make your appearance, but you’ll also want to avoid overly distressed denim or any other unprofessional look.  Pair your bottoms with a top that complements your skin tone. 

If you have blonde hair and pale skin, for example, you’ll probably want to avoid neutral or yellow hues.  You also don’t want to take away from your features.  Regardless of what you look like, you don’t want to opt for a busy patterned shirt, either.  Highlight your best assets and select a single shade.

Most agents are going to expect you to wear little to no makeup, too.  This can be particularly unnerving for newbie models, but they’ll want to see you for who you truly are.  Agents will be analyzing your complexion – of course, knowing a makeup artist will be available for your shoots.  And, the same goes for your hair.  You’ll want to wear it down or pull it back into a simple ponytail if you have the length.

Above all, makeup or no makeup, show up with confidence.  You deserve to be there.  You were hand selected.  Just remember, there is a fine line between being confident and arrogant.  Just stay professional, and humble, and thank everyone for their time.  A little common courtesy can pay off in a big way!

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