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Practice Grounding Techniques Before Reciting Your Lines

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It is important to stay grounded when you’re standing in front of someone at an audition who will ultimately give you the ‘yes’ or ‘no.’  If you’re not grounded in the moment, your mind could start to race, making you overly anxious.  Focusing on the task at hand will ensure you offer a standout performance.  What are some of the ways you can ensure your thoughts stay centered?

Take a sip of water. Ideally, you might put your hand right in it or flush your face, but both are a little hard to do before an audition.  Bring a water bottle with you instead and take a big gulp before you head inside.  Keep swigging any time during the appointment you start to feel anxious.  Water intake naturally lowers anxiety levels.

Practice deep breathing. Inhaling slowly, holding for five seconds, then exhaling will decrease your heart rate and calm the body.  You can practice breathing exercises while you wait without anyone noticing.

Touch your surroundings. While you’re waiting your turn, place your hands on the chair in which you’re seated and run them back and forth, ever so slightly, so the action goes undetected.  Grab a tissue or business card from the counter.  If there’s brochures or pamphlets handy, take one and start reading.  Physically connecting with items in the room is a great grounding technique.

Use the bathroom. If you have a long enough wait, ask to use the restroom and take a short walk.  Getting up, even just for a minute, will set your mind at ease.  Count your footsteps and notice the décor around you on the way.  Concentrate on what everything you’re doing in the present rather than on what’s to come.

Apply a light scent. You don’t want to go overboard to the point others can’t breathe, but you can apply a small dab of lotion to your temples, neckline, or wrists or use some hand cream that contains a light, fresh scent.  Alternatively, you can bring with you a small bottle of essential oil.  Scents like ginger, lemon, and rose naturally keep anxiety at bay.

Learning how to ground yourself in the present will increase concentration levels, a skill you can carry with you into the audition room.  Calming your nerves before your scheduled slot is key.  You want to give yourself time to prepare, so you can nail it when your name is called.

If you liked this post, please share with your friends!