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What Your Color Choice Says About You

Think you give little thought to the colors you choose to top your fingertips with?  Perhaps.  But, maybe there’s more to your choice than even you’re aware.  Here are what some shades may say about your personality.

Dark. Black, deep reds or blues suggest some mystery.  Wearing these daring tones gives off an alluring vibe that keeps people guessing.

Neon. Bright, nearly blinding shades yell “life of the party!”  They seem to scream you have a handle on your party game and love to dance the night away.

Gray. Professional and all-business, you are ready to lead that corporate meeting, presenting with a cool and calm demeanor.

Glitter. You are spunky and have a personality that shines.  Your smile lights up the room almost as much as your color.

Clear. With kids to commute and dishes in the sink, you simply don’t have time to worry about polish wear and tear.  You have bigger fish to fry.

Nail Art. You are whimsical and creative, and love to leave people guessing.  Just when they feel they’ve figured out your style, you’re on the to the next.  You never keep your look the same, and your nails reflect your in-the-moment mood.

Red. Red is both sassy and classy.  This timeless color conveys confidence.  The shade of the stars and you’re ready to have the red carpet rolled out.

Floral Print. You’re a romantic to the core.  You enjoy bouquets of roses and heart-shaped bins of chocolate and seal every love note with a kiss.  You can be caught in the dim light of a movie theater, swooning at the love story on the screen with your hand – and flower polish – cupped in your mate’s.

Nude or Pale Pink. You are always focused on your studies or on pursuing your passions.  You can be found with your nose in a book and have an inherent appreciation for a traditional style.

Rainbow Colors. If you have all of the colors of the rainbow on your tips at once, you are both indecisive and care-free.  Have a preference?  Not really.  You just go with the flow.  Friends would say you’re pretty easy to get along with and always up for a new adventure.  Just don’t ask what the plans are.

So, little did you know, your polish speaks volumes about what’s underneath, according to the experts at Seventeen.  The next time you hit the nail salon, choose your colors wisely!

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