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Perfect the Topknot, Model off- Duty Look

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Instead of scruffily throwing your hair into a bun when the weather gets hotter, how about trying a sleek and easy topknot hairstyle that will turn heads and draw positive attention in a model-style way while keeping you cool at the same time. For those who are not aware, topknot hairstyle is a bundle of hair wound into place on top of the head. It’s not only an easy hairdo for anyone with hair that is shoulder-length or longer, but can also be classic and fashionable if done in the right way. This is a hairstyle that is always trendy and has stood the test of time to be up there with the best.

Beauty Steps on How to Topknot

While we may be done with the summer, topknot hairstyle is not only a summer hair essential, but also a practical hairstyle that is effortlessly chic. It is a versatile style that can be creatively mixed up and can be perfectly braided and teased to take your hairstyle from ordinary to extraordinary. Here is how to go about it.

Placement Key

In creating a trendy and stylish topknot, placement is always crucial. It should sit perfectly flat on top of the head and not on the back of the head. Remember to keep the hair in the back of the head as smooth as possibly, probably by using an aerosol hairspray. This will ensure that every part of the hairline is brushed straight upward.

Ensure it is Voluminous

Taking a look at any of the top models with a topknot hairstyle, you will immediately realize that voluminous is ultimately essential. Using an elastic hair bungee, you can make sure that your hair is all pulled upwards, making the back tight and smooth. You can as well backcomb the ponytail for fluffiness. Once that is done, twist the hair in a perfect circular shape around the hair bungee.

At this time, secure the bun with hairpins before securing the look with styling spray to give it a sleek and highly architectural appearance.

Most Appropriate Places to Wear Your Sleek Topknot Hairstyle

Having learnt how to make you topknot hairstyle sleek and trendy, you may be wondering about the most appropriate place to wear it. Just to shed light on this, you can flaunt your new model topknot look on your off-duty, as well as in the summer when the temperature is becoming hotter. Additionally, this stylish look can be perfect for an out-and-about outdoor activity or just for messing around indoors whether in the kitchen or in the gym.

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