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One-on-One Meeting

Schedule to individually meet with a member of your Talent Services team! This is an opportunity for you to have time to discuss, in person on Zoom, specifics related to your journey and experiences. They can help answer questions, set up your account, properly submit to castings, be better prepared for a photoshoot or audition and more.

Choose the person you’d like to speak with based on the listed strengths and click their “Schedule” button to select a day and time from their calendar to meet one on one.

Heather H.

  • General Industry Q’s
  • What to Expect After Submitting
  • Virtual Workshops
  • Adding a Reel
  • Comp Cards & Headshots

Laura W.

  • Editing Information in Your Account
  • Properly Setting Up Your Profile
  • Creating a Resume
  • Utilizing Your Resources
  • Searching for Castings

Justin G.

  • Having the Right Photos
  • Properly Submitting to Casting Calls
  • Preparing for an Audition
  • What to Take to a Photoshoot
  • Getting Ready to Be On-Set