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No-showing is a Really Big Deal

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If you’ve booked an audition and are unable to make it, make sure the reason you’re missing is a really, really good one.  Also, expect that no matter how good the reason is for canceling, you may not be able to work with the casting director in the future.  Many actors don’t realize the dramatic impact canceling or no-showing for an audition can have on the entire process.  Doing so can come across as disrespecting the time of a multitude of decision-makers responsible for putting together a project.

Equally important is keeping your obligation once you’re booked.  If you aren’t feeling well and can’t show up to work, you’re essentially putting the entire production on hold.  You’re making everyone else who showed and expect to be paid for that day go home, too.  And, you’re upsetting a cast of people who you will be working with for some time.  You don’t want to create undo tension.

There are multiple steps taken from the start of casting to fully booking a production.  Emergencies happen but not showing for a non-emergency is a really big deal.  There are a lot of people depending on you.  Take this gig as seriously as you would any other job opportunity and think of what would happen if you had to be replaced in the middle of shooting.  Audience members don’t want to see one face for half a movie or half a season and a new face for the same character after that point. 

Whether you are booked in a background or featured role, whether you are working on a part of a set or are directing the whole thing – you are being counted on.  Everyone who is part of a project is an important part of a team.  Everyone has to work alongside each other to pull it all together successfully, and you are important, no matter your title.

If you think there is any chance you won’t be able to make it after you confirm, let the casting director know right away.  The more lead time you can give, the better.  This isn’t because excuses are acceptable, but essentially, a CD will need time to find a replacement for the role. 

Casting is cutthroat and if you are lucky enough to be given an audition time, do everything possible to make sure it works and you’re able to make it.  Showing up ready to read is the only way to make sure you’ve got a shot!

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