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New York Talent Booked For Feature Film

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Several of our New York talent were booked to be in the upcoming feature film “Me Familia 2”.  Talent #163722 Steven Rocker, 161518 William Munoz and 162536 Bill Frost were all cast in the project. Steven said he got killed in a scene. William said it was a great experience and Bill said he had a great time at the shoot.  The filming took place in New York a couple weeks ago.

The first film was about organized crime boss Joe Molinari as he is leading his family into the 21st Century of technological racketeering, leaving behind the old ways of doing business. This does not sit well with the other heads of family, who prefer to conduct business old school, and soon war breaks out, leading to one betrayal after another, as the Molinari family fights to stay alive and on top. The film is currently shooting and we are helping provide talent for extras and featured roles. We have talent set to shoot this weekend as well. We are so excited for all of our talent who have been a part of the shoot so far. Be sure to look for them in the film when it is released early next year.

If you liked this post, please share with your friends!