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Meet Male Model Mr. Amazn (Alphonso Settles)

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Mr. Amazn, or Alphonso Settles, never grew up as an aspiring model or actor, but once he discovered the industry he fell right into it and is a natural. Alphonso has been a part of numerous fashion shows, films, and stage plays.

What was your first ‘big break’ and how did it come about?

My 1st “BIG BREAK” was being cast on My Tv 20 family sitcom called My Step Kidz along with Clifton Powell and Rodney Perry, which will be airing later this year on My Tv 20. It came about thru an audition that I had heard about.

What would you say is your biggest achievement so far and why?

So far my biggest achievement is the fact in 2017 I worked on ten different film projects, I have done more in a year then most actors have done in few years, so from that, I gained a ton of experience, and that is priceless.

How do you like to stay fit/active?

Lifting weights and playing basketball along with eating right

What’s your favorite food?


Any advice for people wanting to start acting/modeling?

Be willing to put yourself out there, extra roles with no lines can lead to something big. When on casting calls/auditions, keep the phone away, talk and network with real people. You never know who is who in the industry.

Have you ever been to a photoshoot with Nine9? What was it like?

Yes!   My very 1st photoshoot with multiple looks came thru Nine 9, I had a ball doing it.

What’s song best describes you? 

Amazing by Kanye West feat. Young Jeezy

What would you be if you weren’t an actor/model?

An undiscovered diamond in the rough lol

Tell me something about you not many people know.

I am the custodial parent of my ten-year-old daughter that lives with me.

What do you like doing in your free time?

Playing video games and going to movies

What is your favorite outfit to wear to auditions?

Jeans and shirt

What is your routine going into an audition? What do you prepare?

My normal routine is to be calm and confident and have a monologue prepared, along with comp cards and resumes, it always looks good and professional when you can provide that for them, even if they ask you for it.

 If Nine9 could set you up with a dream role/gig, what would it be? 

My dream role/gig would be something that can give me national exposure and propel me into the spotlight making great money. Walking Dead or Power or even a national commercial for a well-known brand.

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