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Matte Makeup Ideas

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Matte is one of the most trending fall beauties. The shimmer-free makeup forms a perfect foundation for oily and normal skin. They have minimal luster but achieve radian skin resulting in a naturally fresh and non-greasy look. However, unlike your dewy makeup, the matte foundation is a technical makeup. The wrong technique can result in a dull, washed-out look.

However, you don’t have to panic. Here are some of the best matte makeup tips that you can adapt to achieve shine and visible pores in hydrated skin.

Be creative:

To achieve an oily skin for the whole day, you need to be creative. For instance, dabbing little magnesia milk before applying the makeup can keep you shine all-day-long. The liquid contains oil-fighting ingredients that help the skin to remain shinning throughout. Therefore, you have very oily skin, and you need to use a matte finish, and then you have to be creative.


The use of matte blush can be frightening as most see it as an old way of doing things. However, there are creative ways of achieving a modern matte blush through the application. For instance, instead of using the blush along your cheekbones or underneath, just dust the color lightly onto the apple of your checks to help achieve cubby when you smile. To attain a quality soft flush, use the quality brush that works well with your skin. There are dozens of other creative ways of achieving modern matter blush.

Use Tea-tree infused cleanser:

Use tea-tree infused cleaner to spritz way the oil before applying the makeup. Research reveals that tea-tree oil help to wick away oil and prevent the establishment of acne on the skin. Spritzing such a cleanser before applying a matte finish can be a great idea.

Use an appropriate mattifying primer:

Prepare your skin for the matte finish with a mattifying primer. The primer helps to keep skin oil at bay while looking at the foundation, which is great. Mattifying primer is applied just before applying the matte finish.

Blot after applying the makeup:

Any excess moisturizer should be blot away. You can lay a tissue flat on the face to help absorb any excess moisturizer. This technique helps to pick up the excess product from the skin and enhance matte appearance before makeup application.

Eat food that slows down oil production:

Fatty food such as spices and alcohol dilates your blood vessels resulting in more sweat. Much sweat that takes away from a perfect matte finish. Avoid chunk food and instead turn to such food as carrots, spinach, and cantaloupe.

Apply enough Matte moisture:

Oily skin requires a lot of moisture to keep the skin hydrated and matte throughout the day. Apply mattifying moisturizer as per the level of your oily skin. Applying enough moisturizer helps to keep your skin looking and feeling at it best for the whole day without the need for extra makeup.

Apply foundation application carefully:

Foundation application affects the look of the finish matte application. Apply the foundation makeup with a round, flat-topped brush in a circular motion. This helps to diffuse the foundation evenly and achieve the airbrushed effect.

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