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Marketing Material ‘Add-ons’ to Keep Handy

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There are standard marketing materials you should always carry with you, and there are those nice-to-have things that will really make your submission stand out from the rest.  You may know you should always have your headshot and resume ready, but what about the multitude of other marketing must-haves?  Here are a few other items that may help.

A reel. In the acting world, it’s fairly standard to compile a reel once you start landing some gigs.  This allows a client to actually see you at work and serves to back up what you’ve put on your resume.  It’s important to keep your reel to approximately a minute and a half in length and only include your best work.  Consider posting it to a video sharing site such as YouTube or Vimeo and providing a link in your cover letter.

Tearsheets. Models who’ve been booked in print ads should keep these handy.  They are, quite literally, torn out pages of publications in which he or she has been featured.  It’s important to have several copies of an editorial spread just in case you misplace one, accidentally tear a page through the center when you’re removing it, or you want to keep one copy intact inside the publication.

Polaroids. High fashion models also need to be prepared to show Polaroids.  These are snapshots of the model with natural to no makeup, hair down, in clothing that shows off one’s body type.  The high fashion world is extremely competitive and having a Polaroid or two will show the client you understand what is needed to make it big.

A business card. A card can be particularly useful if you have a website or social media handles you want to share along with your contact information.  Attach this to your resume and list the name of the site along with the link.  Of course, if you are submitting online, you can also include a link in the body of your email.  Having a professional page is a great way to show you’re willing to put in the time to be successful.  You can also include a link to your reel right on your site.

References. Regardless of the job you’re going for, having a reference or two from someone you’ve worked closely with who can vouch for how well you did will show a client you are knowledgeable and dependable.  It’s best to get a reference from the individual responsible for hiring you, but you can also ask for one from a reputable colleague.

Having a few extras add-ons in your back pocket will help you stand out from the competition when you’re applying for gigs.  In the entertainment industry, top-notch self-promotion skills are a must-have.

If you liked this post, please share with your friends!