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Making the Most of a Model Call

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You saw the sign!  There’s going to be a model call in your area.  This is going to be your big break – you just know it!  But, you have no idea what to expect.  What should you bring?  What should you wear?  How should you do your hair?  Don’t fret.  There are a few things you can do before the big day to prepare.

Keep It Simple.  Industry experts want to see you, not five layers of make-up, fancy attire, or your best up-do.  They want to see your natural beauty.  Pick out a pair of skinny jeans or leggings to wear and pair them with a simple tee.  Style your hair in a natural way, too, and ladies, minimize the make-up.

Prep Ahead of Time.  Make sure you drink plenty of water, take your vitamins, care for your complexion, and get plenty of rest before the big day so you can show up looking your best.  Don’t start any taxing diets or demanding exercise routines that are likely to wear you out, either.  Practice some stress relievers, instead, such as yoga or meditation.

Stick with What You Know.  Steer clear of making any major changes to your appearance right before the call.  Experimenting with new hair color or self-tanner can prove to be a big mistake.  Don’t buy a tanning package or apply a temporary tattoo.  Just stick with what you know and keep your own style, so you can present with confidence.  Also, make sure you have an idea of what your measurements are, so you can quickly rattle them off if need be.

Practice Your Patience.  You’re excited about the call and, most likely, so are a ton of other aspiring models.  Depending on the set up of the event, you may be waiting quite a while to been seen.  This means you’ll have to make sure your schedule is clear that day.  Free up your time by moving any appointments and prepare to be patient without appearing annoyed.

Know What to Expect.  You may be asked to pose for a few snapshots or stick around to be measured at the event.  “Remember, part of being a good model is having the ability to follow directions,” says Bronwyn Neal of Cinema Models.  Take a minute to smile or simply stand still so your stats can be jotted down with accuracy.  You may also be asked questions about prior experience or your future plans.  Don’t overthink your responses.  Go with your gut.

Also, always remember to trust your intuition.  If the event isn’t what you thought it was, it doesn’t serve you and your goals, just gives off bad vibes, or seems shady in any way, simply excuse yourself and wait for the next opportunity to come along.

If you liked this post, please share with your friends!