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Making a Good First Impression on Set

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So, you’ve booked an acting job – congratulations!  Think you are in the clear?  Not a chance!  Now comes the hard part.  You’ll want to make a great first impression when you arrive on set.  Here are some standards to keep in mind.

Show some respect. You respect them, they respect you.  Make sure you are respectful to everyone on set at all times.  You all have a similar goal – to pull this off without a hitch.  The entire cast and everyone behind the scenes are there for the same reason.  So, let them each do their part to make sure you’re all successful.  This means, if someone comes up in the middle of a scene and starts tugging on your hair because you need a new look for the rest of it, let them.  If the makeup artist comes flying in with some finishing touches that’ll make you look oh so perfect in that moment, be patient.  There’s a lot going on at all times, and you’ll get used to it the more gigs you book.

A big part of being respectful is being considerate of other cast members’ time.  This means, you’ll have to show up on time or a little before regardless of having a bad morning, being stuck in traffic, or having an anxious stomach.  Just as you would expect to arrive at an office on time, treat the set as your office and get there when you’re scheduled to be.  Also, try not to call in – ever.  The show must go on and it can’t go on without you – until you’re replaced for being unreliable, that is.

But, set personal boundaries. For you and for the others.  Remember, this is a job.  So, remaining professional and not intruding into everyone’s space is key.  There is a fine line between being friendly and being overly friendly.  Let the rest of the cast recite their lines.  Let the magic happen without ruining the ambiance by chatting.  You were all hired for different parts and you will be working alongside a myriad of personalities.  So, don’t get offended if someone doesn’t smile back or is too busy figuring out how to present to engage in conversation.

Avoid conflict. At all costs, try not to get in the middle of an argument, especially when it doesn’t involve anything you did personally.  Even if other cast members are going at it, it’s important to remain professional and keep your distance until things blow over.  Remaining calm under pressure is an asset that is sure to get noticed. Remember these few tips and you’ll come across as motivated and confident, professional, hard-working and adaptable.  This is what will allow you to really shine!

If you liked this post, please share with your friends!