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Make Your Skin Flawless Before Your Next Gig

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If you’re busy and stressed, you may have noticed this has a significant impact on your skin.  Stress can lead to breakouts, undereye circles and puffiness, dryness and hard to reverse wrinkles over time.  It also tends to be the precursor to many long-term health issues, some of which affect appearance.  It’s important to engage in serious skin self-care to make sure your face stays flawless and you put your best foot forward at each new opportunity. 

First, it’s important to realize there is no quick-fix solution to achieving a flawless palette.  It takes an ongoing concentrated effort and a disciplined routine.  You must give your skin some daily TLC to see results.

Probably the most important piece is to stay well hydrated throughout the day.  This includes upping your intake of water and spritzing a cool mist onto your face throughout the day.  You’ll also want to apply a moisturizer made for your skin type after every wash.  If you have combination skin, you may need one for all over and a deeper moisturizer for dry spots.

You should also consider making the switch to natural beauty products free from ingredients that can cause breakouts and irritation.  Witch hazel is a great makeup remover and toner, and coconut oil is an excellent moisturizer.  Tea tree oil is commonly used for break outs and vitamins A and C serums are excellent spot correctors in areas that are prone to fine lines and wrinkles. 

Spending an adequate amount of time caring for your skin will make a significant difference.  Make sure you’re cleansing every night to wipe away accumulated dirt and particles you may not be able to see but your face picks up daily.  Removing your makeup is a must and adding a charcoal mask a few times every week will clean out your pores.  You’ll want to pick up a nighttime moisturizer or leave-on facial serum that’s able to pull double duty while your mind and body regenerate.

Making some diet switches, such as adding protein and reducing your intake of refined sugar, can also help skin health.  Sugar not only contributes to puffiness, but it can lead to reoccurring breakouts that damage your skin.  Every cell in the body contains protein, so upping your intake at every meal will help keep your skin well-nourished.

Again, achieving flawless skin takes more than an occasional cleanse.  But, if you follow a regimented routine each day, your efforts will pay off!

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