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“MacGyver” Series Casting Talent in Georgia

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Casting Directors are now casting actors, models, and talent to work on scenes filming on Thursday, March 15th through March 18th in Atlanta, Georgia. This is a paid opportunity to work in a CBS production based on the well-known MacGyver saga.


The remake of the classic show MacGyver, a 20 something guy who lived the life of adventure and action Angus worked with the US government in order to solve problems and save lives through his scientific expertise and knowledge. With him is the former CIA agent Jack Dalton who helps MacGyver on all his missions.

They are specifically looking for featured actresses to play a maid: Women who portrays Hispanic, age 20’s – 30’s. Comfortable holding a tray with food on top. They are also looking for all types of extras to fill background roles.


When: Atlanta, Georgia

Where: March 18th

This is a great opportunity to be featured in a CBS show. Not only will you earn money working on a show that will air nationally, you will meet dozens of industry professionals that can help you find more jobs in the future. CBS is a great network that is known for various local programs with a mix of original programming. Apply as soon as possible before these roles fill up.

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