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Looking for Fuller Lips? Here’s a Few At-home Options

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If you’re looking for Angelina Jolie or Scarlett Johansson lips, you’re in luck.  You don’t need to get an expensive cosmetic procedure, either.  You can quickly puff up your pout with a few simple tricks at home.

There many products that claim to have the solution to lusher lips.  Some of these are, of course, better than others, and you’ll probably want to chat with your dermatologist before trying any over-the-counter lip puffers.  In the meantime, use the makeup you already have to achieve the look.

You can also easily get a fuller pout by first lining with one shade darker than your natural lip color.  If you have a smaller top lip than the bottom, feel free to run the pencil just a bit over your natural line.  The color you use should be close enough to their natural hue to blend in and look authentic.

Fill in the center with a light color that helps to lift the lips a bit.  Then, add in a white highlighter to the bottom center of your pout.  Apply a clear gloss to the whole lip area, and if you wish, you can add the same highlighter to your cupid’s bow or the center of your top lip.

Opting for a light palette on the rest of your face will help your lips to stand out even more.  Wear a natural shadow and go easy on the eyeliner and mascara, so you can draw attention to the bottom half of your face.

Makeup isn’t the only solution to a fuller pout.  Gently patting your lips will enhance circulation, giving them a rosy glow and making them look larger.  You should also regularly exfoliate to promote healthy skin turnover and improve their overall appearance.  If you prefer to make a concoction at home, simply add some sugar to coconut oil and massage this onto the mouth area.  You can use a lip mask after exfoliating to decrease the appearance of fine lines and lock in moisture.

Lips also react to coldness – it compresses blood vessels under the skin.  So, if you’re looking for a quick fix right before you snap a few selfies, massage an ice cube along your pout for about two minutes.  The results will be temporary but will last long enough to capture that perfect shot. 

These simple, at-home options will help you achieve fuller lips in no time flat.  While they’re meant to be a short-term fix, they’re much safer than surgery and will do the trick right before a photo shoot.

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