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King Kylie’s Reign

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kylie-jenner-              Kylie Jenner is arguably the most famous human on the planet. Now you don’t become such a desirable character by sitting on your rump. This busy 18 year old has her hands full, between 42 million Instagram followers, a collection with Pac Sun, the 11th season of “Keeping Up,” and her uber successful lifestyle app. doing all this while still attempting to have a fun, carefree 18 year old life. I wonder when she sleeps.

               My favorite of Kylie’s accomplishments is her anti-bullying campaign “#IAmMoreThanMe.” With this campaign she strives to end negative comments and bullying. Kylie personally dealt with the harsh comments and vicious internet trolls and instead of adding to the negativity, she took a positive spin on it with the hashtag “I am more than,” her Instagram comments. She now features inspiring stories of others facing similar issues with bullying and how each individual saw it through positively. You go Kylie Jenner!
Kylie is known for her creative and bold fashion choices; her outfits are the inspiration and envy of many. The only reason I had ever heard of Givenchy or Balmain was because of King Kylie. So once I heard Balmain and H&M were collaborating, the fashionista inside me gleamed. I was informed of this epic collab through Kylie’s Instagram photo in a stunning, embroidered velvet dress, captioned, “Yes Balmain x H&M. I love you Olivier_Rousteing you’re the dopest!” I agree Kylie, this is the dopest! The line is filled with vibrant embellishments, strong shoulders, and oh so much chic! Finally it’s here ladies AND gentlemen- affordable couture!

               While I’m gushing about my love for H&M and fashion (I could go on forever) let me introduce Nine9’s very beautiful and very promising young model Isabella. Isabella is a talented girl that has lived my dream and worked with H&M!

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