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Jennifer Lawrence: From Misunderstood to Miss Hollywood

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Nine9 is for the 99 percent of models and actors who aren’t represented by an agency but want to be part of something big.  It’s for the underdogs, the hidden gems.  Those that just know they have what it takes and can prove it if only given a chance.

The company provides the tools and support to get talent noticed.  Its dedicated, energetic, and experienced staff help guide talent all the way to the top, whether that means becoming the next movie star, cover model, or runway connoisseur.  Industry knowledge and insider experience offer talent that extra push to get them started, and the opportunities are truly endless when confidence and competence collide.

After all, if you believe in yourself, anything’s possible.  Just ask Jennifer Lawrence.

The movie maven says she was a “weird” kid.  She would constantly come up with off-the-wall stories just because.  At one point, she even told her classmates that because of a freak accident she had a wooden leg…and faked a limp for a long time.  In fact, it would take a happenstance encounter in which a sympathetic teacher told her mother she was sorry for Jen’s circumstances for her to finally come clean.

Jennifer sometimes would literally get locked out of her parents’ home, because she was overly energetic, and they simply couldn’t deal with her.  The actress was forced to find things to do until they decided it was okay to let her back in.  She let her imagination wander during these times, no doubt.

Jennifer says her brothers ignored her for the most part.  She was “a handful”.  She didn’t have many friends at school, she never felt smart, and in fact, she dropped out of middle school.  She just didn’t fit in.  That is, until she happened to be spotted by a model scout and, soon after, was handed a script.

Then, her world changed completely.  For the first time, she felt confident and capable.  She immersed herself in her newfound art, feeling an adrenaline rush every time she could escape into the world of someone else and take on a character’s emotions for a bit.  She quickly realized entertainment was her calling.

Jennifer didn’t fit the mold of a typical high fashion model.  She didn’t take acting lessons.  She didn’t come from a wealthy family willing to throw lots of money at her dream.  She was, for the most part, an average teenager – an outcast, really.

But, Jennifer believed in herself.  She knew she could make it if only given the chance.  And, she was willing to give it her all.  Because she was both confident and determined, the 27-year-old has already been nominated for four Academy Awards.  She is one of Hollywood’s most recognizable faces and has been commended for her versatility.

At Nine9, that’s really all it takes – confidence and determination.  There is beauty in confidence and respect in determination.  These are the things that turn heads in entertainment.  And, hard work, of course.  If you are willing to work hard, Nine9 will work hard for you.  It’s as simple as that!

As seen on CBS’s 60 Minutes

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