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Is Nine9 a Scam or Does It Just Seem Too Good to be True?

With modeling and acting agencies, it’s important to look out for scam agencies. Nine9’s mission is to counter these faux organizations with high quality services for the 99% of people who are not signed to a major entertainment contract. Our wide roster of diverse talent (all ethnicities and from age 3 to 86) is a unique approach that has not been done before; that is why we call ourselves an “unagency.” Nine9 works to shake up the current entertainment business model and open opportunities for all actors and models throughout the United States, not just the few signed to an exclusive agency.

To achieve this, we offer Virtual Workshops several times a week as well as headshot, comp card and resume advice. This centers our talent and allows access to essential career resources and casting calls. It may sound too good to be true, but upon searching “Nine9 scam” and reading reviews, it is clear that our talent is thriving and Nine9 is breaking the mold.

The best way to judge the legitimacy of a talent company is by talent testimonials.  Nine9 scam accusations clearly have no ground to stand on after reading our talents’ stories.  Nine9 makes it so unbelievably easy to enter the entertainment industry that many may wonder how they didn’t know about it sooner.  Some recent testimonials are those featured in the videos below.

Brandy Rinehart describes her experience as life changing. She came to Nine9 nervous and unsure about her career path, searching “Nine9 scam” to see if anything would come of her signing up as one of our talent. Soon after taking that step, she had complete confidence in her abilities and was hired on Ozark. Shocked by the opportunity, the quick success didn’t hit her until she had a “jaw-dropping moment where she realized she had her own trailer and her own makeup and hair people.” She is now eager to get her kids involved in the Nine9 community and had an amazing time on set with the Ozark cast.

For Brandon Horton, Nine9 launched an active career filled with opportunities. After using Nine9 workshops to master his craft, he landed three episodes on Black Mafia Family. Before he knew it, Cobra Kai’s casting department called him up with an opportunity. Simply put, Brandon urges other people to make their dream their new reality: “My advice for anyone thinking about joining Nine9 is to do it.”

To learn more about how you can become a talent with Nine9, feel free to sign up for our next FREE Virtual Workshop. 

For Dan Matteucci, he started out booking a recurring role with Nine9 on AMC and was soon in Fast and Furious and Jeep/Chrysler commercials. He was a regular actor on Netflix, which led to perhaps his biggest opportunity yet; being in the new Wonder Woman movie! Now an established actor, opportunities continue to pour in for him.

These are only three of the thousands of actors that have launched their careers with Nine9. It is very apparent from these experiences that although Nine9 can seem too good to be true, there is no need to carry any doubts. Nine9 is a game changer in an industry that needs to be restructured and it is extremely encouraging to hear the inspiring stories of aspiring actors whose lives are now changed forever.

To learn more about how you can become a talent with Nine9, feel free to sign up for our next FREE Virtual Workshop. 

On this free Virtual Workshop, you will learn about the recent changes in the modeling and acting industries that are opening the doors for more job opportunities. 

You will learn what to do to land these jobs from the comfort of your own home. 

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"Working with Nine9 The UnAgency has truly been a great experience and has taken our company to the next level with the models used in our productions and events. We have gained a strong relationship with the Castings Team that are so helpful and prompt in response. The models that we have used look like NYFW material with unique looks that help our brand stand out and look super high end and fashionable. We love Nine9 The UnAgency and will continue to build our relationship with the company and models!"

- Privately Sampled, Boutique

"I would just like to take a moment to thank you and the entire staff for all of your kindness and support while we were in your New York studios casting the film Little Chicago. Of all the movies I have worked on—from Mr. and Mrs. Smith, to The Bourne Identity, to Legally Blonde— Nine9 has been the most generous facility I have ever encountered. Your kind and professional staff provided us with endless support, and were so malleable and resourceful to our many needs. Again, thank you for your endless hospitality and assistance."

- Middleton Casting, CSA

"Thank you so much for setting up this event for us today! It was great! Everyone was extremely helpful and the set up was amazing! We got some good people from today so hopefully they'll make the show. I really appreciate you help! Thanks so much!"

- Kelly C., Casting Director for FOX TV Show

"The models we picked are all great! Thank you so much for your help. You have been the best! We're excited! Thanks again!"

- John, VP, Creative of Fruit of the Loom, Inc

"Thanks for getting our posting up, we have had a lot of good talent submit! For your efforts, please let me know how many Front of the Line Passes that you would like for your talent and I would be happy to extend them to you!"

- Daniel, Casting Director - America's Got Talent

"I just wanted to let everyone know that if it wasn't for you all we wouldn't have pulled off an amazing shoot today so last minute. So thank you again!"

- Associate Producer - "The Fashion Team" TV Guide Network

"Thank you for all your help. We appreciate the talent you provided us. Your assistance truly attributed to the success of the video shoot. Your talent were punctual, understanding and professional. We would like to use your company again for future projects and build an on-going relationship with you. Please let us know if there's anything we can do for you. Again, thank you so much.."

- Flash Records (The FEAM Group) / Universal Music Group

"Of almost 12 years of working in television production, I have worked with Nine9 for more than half of this time. Ever since 2004, Nine9 has been a reliable, credible and amazing contact for me on almost every job I have ever worked on. No matter what the genre of programming or theme of the show, they have risen to the occasion. I've worked with them on everything from a wedding prank show, a repo show, a few pilots and a recreation series. They are basically my go-to person when I need casting of any type."

- Patrick Hartz, Tru Entertainment

"What a pleasant surprise. You have been so helpful, so thank you again."

- Chase, Casting Director - America's Next Top Model

"Thank you so much for your help the last couple weeks. There were so many last minute casting needs and you really helped me out. Your talent by the way was WONDERFUL!"

- Amanda, NBC Peacock Productions

"Just wanted to thank you again for an excellent job on sending people my way for the Michelle Williams listening party. We are wrapping now, so I'm not sure exactly how many of your people came...but the ones whom I know were from you were awesome! The turnout was great...we had about 50 people come and they were all really thank you again!!!"

- Patrick Hartz, Spin Boi Films

"We would like to thank you for assisting us in finding talent for our commercial shoot in West Palm Beach. Both talent you sent were professional and well prepared for their roles. We will be recommending Nine9 to other producers/casting directors, and look forward to working with you in the future. Thank you again for your excellent service."

- David Haines, A Major Production, L.L.C.

"Once again thank you for the help in sending models to our shoot. Gloria and Martha were totally on point and each played an important part in the video. This video will be going to network and I will get them copy at time of release. The artist was very happy with the casting as was my director. I hope we continue to work together."

- Poppy Hanna,Cloudkicker Cinema-Producer

"You are amazing! This database of yours is very rare to find in the industry these days. Thank you again for your time."

- Daren Cole, Sev-One Media

"Nine9 is awesome! I am able to connect with talent nationwide. I always use Nine9 whenever I have a casting call!"

- Bobbina, Casting Director for Multiple Shows On VH1, MTV, CMT

"I want to thank you sincerely for all that you have done for me. From providing the use of the NY offices to hold castings, the Nine9 staff at the New York offices helping me and the corporate staff putting together the castings I assure you I would not have had a successful show at New York Fashion Week."

- Andre Galliano, Designer

"This is J Wyatt from JDP Atlanta. You contacted us a few weeks ago and I just want to thank you personally for helping us out with casting for our shoot. We would like to use Nine9 again for another project."

- JDP Atlanta

"Nine9 helped out immensely when casting for my student film. I was able to pick from a selection of talent to come into the casting call. I even cast one of the talents as a supporting character in my film. Nine9 is a great service!"

- AJ, AJ Film Casting

"I just wanted to say thanks again for sending out that email blast. We got a ton of great responses, and it looks like we're all set for tomorrow now! Thanks again, you were a huge help!!!!"

- Allison Scott, Casting Director

"I just wanted to say thank you so much for helping us out with Jalpa! She was amazing and really worked out for us. You are the best, thank you, thank you, thank you!"

- Tractenberg NY

"We've brought in so many great people from your referral! We will get you the information for the other shows we are casting - we're working on Beastmaster for Netflix (sort of like Ninja Warrior) and Encore (a new show for former high school theater members). Thank you so much for all of your help!"

- Megen, Fig 22 Casting

"Nine9 ensured that our director's vision could be achieved by quickly connecting us with talent at the last minute. The film couldn't have been as successful without Nine9.Thank you so much for all of your help! You really did save us! I will be sure to pass your contact info on to others who are looking for actors."

- Megan Ballew, Filmmaker

"I just wanted to thank you for sending your extras over to my shoot last Wednesday. They in essence saved my shoot and were extremely professional and easy to work with. I produce a lot of independent short film type projects and am always on the look out for reliable resources. Hope to work with you again in the future."

- Associate Producer, Dakoit Pictures, LLC

"Thank you so much for putting us into contact with these actors! I will be sure to let you know if we cast one of the actors selected from your database. I just wanted to let you know that your service has been great, and I will be sure to come back to you guys for any future casting calls!"

- John, Korda Casting

"Nine9 really helped me have a successful shoot and provided me with the most diverse and talented actors and actresses, I couldn't have done it without the wonderful casting department at Nine9"

- Katelin Maylum, Independent Film Writer/Director

"I worked with Nine9 The UnAgency on a recent shoot in the San Francisco area. They were able to send me a ton of great people on very short notice. Great resource and very easy to work with. Thank you for all of the help!"

- Jenny, 1iota Productions

"When my company needed to find local models, Nine9 was a lifesaver! Communicating with them was very easy, and they sent us a selection of models based on our photo shoot needs in a timely manner. They followed up with the models we were interested in, and this made things so much easier logistically than trying to scout models on our own, without all of the additional fees and expenses that other agencies in the area charge. We were able to find three very professional up and coming male models and would definitely use Nine9 again when we need to hire male models for a shoot."

- Creative Director of Unfaded Era

"We rely on Nine 9 to provide us great model talent for our fashion shows and photo shoots and are always pleased with their urgency in helping us cast great emerging talent."

- Black Fashion America

"We really appreciate Nine9 and their help in getting quality talent for our videos. Our experience with Nine9 has been smooth and pleasant, and we look forward to working with Nine9 more in the future!"

- Chris, SnapBrothers Productions

"Nine9 makes casting models simple. The representatives are on point and have great communication. Whether for a photo shoot or a TV stint, I can trust that their models will arrive on time and fully prepared."

- Mark Hajjar,

"As a photographer based in NYC Nine9 has been nothing but helpful when I need to cast a project. They are quick and reliable and always deliver fantastic choices. I have cast many individuals through their site for many domestic and international photography projects. Nine9 has always been amazing and attentive to my shooting specifics as well!"

- Richard Storm

"I just want to say thank you for all the talents you provided for our Fall Fashion show. The show was amazing thanks to your talents. Thank you Nine9."

- Dallas Fashion Show Casting Team

"Thanks a million for helping me out yesterday. A few people came out and it was cool. You guys are simply awesome. Please know that we will give full credit to Nine9 in every way we can. God bless you. The team in the Atlanta office are just simply phenomenal. You and your team have completely blessed my life this week. My team and I are shouting a big thank you!!!"

- D.A, Director of The Counselor

"I wanted to take a second to thank you for sending over talent for our video. A couple of the girls did show and the shoot was a success!"

- Herman Rice, Music Video Director

"Thank you so much for your help! We're fully cast. Couldn't have done it without you!"

- Casting Team of Salvation Army Commercial Shoot

"I wanted to say thank you so much for all your help!! I truly appreciated it!! Your models were all very professional, and good people!! So again, Thank You!! I look forward to working with you again soon!"

- V.A. President of Entertainment Company on their Koma Music Video Shoot

"Thank you so much for all your help through the casting and audition process for my music video shoot. I got all the cast needed and we had a great shoot today. We will continue and hope to finish the shoot tomorrow. You and your staff have been very supportive and helpful and I do hope we get to do more work together soon. God bless you."

- D.A, Casting Director of Onos Brisibi Music Video

"On behalf of the Founder, Mr. Brian Jackson & the entire PTK Team & Kradle Rock Entertainment, thank you so much. You have delivered once again and it is more than appreciated! We are excited about the relationship we have established with you and Nine9!"

- T.J.

"The event was great and the models were amazing!!! They all did an incredible job and our customers loved seeing the fashion brought to life! Thank you for all of your help & support, I can’t wait to work with you and your wonderful models again!"

- Special Events Coordinator from Dadeland Macy's Inc.

"I just wanted to thank you again for all of your assistance last week! Your models were absolutely fabulous! Looking forward to working with you again in the near future. Thanks again!"

- Special Events Coordinator Orlando Macy's Inc.

"Thank you so much for helping us out and being a part of Latinista™ Fashion Week. All the models were amazing!"

- D.R., Latinista Fashion Week Casting Team

"I just want to thank you again for coming through with talent for the Merck shoot. It seems they are always hurry up and rush. We had some great talent including Billy who was terrific with his dog. We appreciate your hard work, and look forward to working with you on the next shoot"

- M.R.A., Producer

"I wanted to thank you for all of your help for this season of Deadly Affairs. We just finished filming our final reenactment of the season. I am sure you will be getting many requests for actors from other shows."

- B.D., Casting Director

"You are the best! You have no idea how much you are helping. You are taking a lot off my plate of things to do… and making me look really good to the Exec Prod. Thanks!"

- OWN's Unfaithful Casting

"Just wanted to say thank you again for an awesome turnout of people on Friday. They were all so great and I really appreciate your help on getting them there."

- Next Great Baker Casting

"Nine9 made my job easier! You read my specs all the way through and made appropriate notes on her initial file pulls, making it very easy for me to narrow down my choices to fit my specific needs. The model we chose, Matt Lynch, was very professional. He showed up on time and brought tons of enthusiasm and wardrobe options. Nine9 and Matt were both a pleasure to work with and I hope to have the opportunity to do it again soon."

- Raphye Alexius, Gatorade Shoot

"Nine9, Thank you for the help! Everything went great!"

- Mark Fox 2 News Segment, (Michigan)

"Just a quick note to say thanks for your help with my recent shoots. Jaci did a wonderful job on Tuesday, and I just finished booking models for our project coming up on Friday. You've made my job much easier this week. I'll be in touch soon for another project I'm working on. Thank you so much for all your help! We love working with your talent."

- Debenport Stock (Texas)

"Just want to say thank you for all the talents you provided for our Fall Fashion show. The show was amazing thanks to your talents. Thank you Nine9."

- Christiana, The Fashion Club Of Texas Fashion Show

"Hi Nine9, We greatly enjoyed working with Walter Wash last week. Your talent were professional, enthusiastic, and hard working - a pleasure to have on set."

- Mary Alice Williams, Discovery ID, Sirens Media

"Nine9 I wanted to thank you for sending out your talent to participate in our music video. They showed up and did a great job!”"

- Milinda Balthrop President & Founder - Filmmakers For Tomorrow Foundation (FFTF)

"You have always been a great resource!"

- B.M., NBC Universal

"I just want to thank you profusely and sincerely for sending me the information on so many of your talents. I am beyond grateful to you for facilitating my introduction to her."

- Richard Larsen, Director/Producer, Capone’s Treasure of the Heart

"Nine9, Thank you so much for the email! I so appreciate it. And the shoot really was a success- the presence of extras from Nine9 really made a difference!"

- Grace Hahn, Feature Film: Operator

"I just wanted to let you how great our Maggie May Trunk Show went at Lola B this past weekend. Both Natalie and Danielle were not only gorgeous, but also gracious and professional. I would use BOTH of them for anything I'm doing in the future. Again, THANK YOU! You can be certain I will share the wonderful dealings I've had with Nine9 with my entire network of friends and colleagues."

- Marcy Cyburt, Closet Couture

"On the behalf of the Wayne State Fashion Department I wanted to thank Nine9 for once again providing us with talented and professional models that knows how to conquer a runway. We are never disappointed when we reach out to Nine9 because the staff are always eager to help us and inform their clients about our casting calls. Every time the end results are spectacular."

- Khadijah King, Wayne State Fashion Organization (FDMO)

"As a student film major, seeking out my desired taken couldn't have been easier with the help of Nine9 The UnAgency. The Castings Department was quick to respond with specific and talented actors that fit my casting requirements. As a beginner in the industry, this is the service that I will look forward to working with in the future"

- Michael Lucido, Film artist, Director