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Integrating All You Do into a Flawless Future Plan

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When you are first starting out in entertainment, you’ll likely have a “day job” that you’ve been working for some time in preparation to make this transition.  And, this job may have to stick around for a while until you get a solid footing.  That’s okay.  But, it’s great if you can maximize your reach by integrating what you’re doing now with what you plan to do in the near future.

What does this mean?  It means finding a job at which you work, but that also works for you.  For example, if you’re planning to be a model, you might consider landing a desk job at an advertising agency or magazine publisher.  This way, you’ll be afforded an opportunity to get to know the inner workings of the industry in which you’re hoping to shoot.  You can browse the company’s products, mix and mingle with photographers, and attend editorial and design meetings in which you’ll be given insider information as to what the decision-makers are looking for.

Then, you can use this newfound knowledge and experience to your benefit to create your portfolio and the next time you interview, you will come across as professional and prepared.  You’ll be able to answer some questions that the competition simply may not be able to.  And, you can do this while making an hourly rate so you can pay the bills while building your brand.  It’s a win-win.

If you’re an actor who’s hoping to one day be a familiar face in film, you can search for a spot at a local advertising company that produces video for clients.  You might take a position at the front desk and offer to be featured in the next production if there’s a logical fit.  Network while you’re there and get to know everyone who walks through the door.  That way, you’ll stay privy to all upcoming projects and be able to interject and offer your expertise at just the right time.

There are many ways in which you can build your skillset at an everyday job while you’re also building your acting or modeling resume and doing so will allow you to include certain skills on the list.  Get creative and think outside of the box.  Try to make everything you’re pursuing fit with your long-term goals in the entertainment world so you can eventually make a smooth transition from one career choice to another. 

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