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Industry Terms You Need To Know

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In the dynamic world of acting and modeling, understanding key media terms can significantly enhance your professional vocabulary and industry acumen. Whether you’re navigating auditions, photo shoots, or promotional campaigns, familiarizing yourself with these terms will empower you to communicate more effectively and confidently in the industry. Here’s a comprehensive guide to essential media terms every actor and model should know:

Call Sheet:

A document distributed by production teams outlining daily schedules, locations, contact details, and scenes to be filmed. Always check this for updates and changes.


A professional photograph of an actor or model’s head and shoulders, used for auditions and casting submissions. It should accurately represent your current look and personality.


Also known as a demo reel, this is a short video showcasing an actor’s or model’s previous work, such as scenes from films, commercials, or modeling projects. It serves as a portfolio of your abilities.


A verbal introduction of oneself on camera, typically at the beginning of an audition tape or during casting calls. It includes your name, height, and sometimes agency representation.


A follow-up audition where selected candidates are invited to audition again, often with adjustments or alongside other potential cast members. It indicates serious consideration for the role.


A solo performance piece delivered by an actor to showcase their acting skills, often used in auditions. Choose monologues that highlight your range and suitability for specific roles.

Wardrobe Fitting:

A session where actors or models try on costumes or outfits selected by wardrobe stylists for upcoming shoots or productions. It ensures proper fit and character authenticity.


A person hired to take the place of an actor for technical setup and lighting adjustments before filming begins. Stand-ins help streamline the production process.

Location Scouting:

The process of finding and selecting suitable filming locations, ensuring they meet production requirements and enhance the visual narrative of a project.


Refers to the various shots filmed to cover a scene from different angles, including wide shots, close-ups, and medium shots. Good coverage ensures editors have options during post-production.

Cattle Call:

An open casting call where large numbers of actors or models audition for various roles without prior selection. It’s competitive and requires patience

Release Form:

A legal document granting permission for the use of an actor’s or model’s likeness, voice, or performance in media productions. Always review before signing.


The choreography of actors’ movements on set or stage, planned by directors to ensure effective camera angles, lighting, and overall scene composition.

Green Room:

A waiting area for actors or models before they go on set or stage. It provides space to prepare, relax, or rehearse lines.

Coverage Rate:

The fee paid to actors or models for each use of their image or performance in media, such as commercials, print ads, or digital campaigns.


The conclusion of filming or a production day. It involves packing up equipment, saying goodbyes, and completing any necessary paperwork or post-production tasks.

Understanding these media terms will empower you to navigate the entertainment industry with confidence and professionalism. Stay tuned for more insights and tips to advance your career as an actor or model!

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