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Indie Roles Can Offer More Exposure than Big Budget Films

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A featured role in an independent film can truly be an actor’s key to success.  Because, oftentimes, casting directors and agents want to work with talent who have a few credits under their belt, taking on an indie can offer the experience and recognition needed to ultimately land an even larger gig.  It can also allow an actor to secure representation.

One of the many benefits of working on indie films is that they give newbie actors a chance to work with up-and-coming filmmakers.  This is a great networking opportunity and offers a more one-on-one connection between two creatives, allowing both to shine and build a long-lasting, collaborative partnership.  When the project wraps, in many cases, the film will premiere at well-known festivals like Sundance, TIFF, Tribeca, Venice and others, giving talent the exposure they need to go after larger roles.  Screenings, Q&A sessions, and premiere parties give agents and managers an opportunity to get to know the actors on a more personal level and consider working with them.  More often than not these individuals gain overnight recognition.

It can often be easier to land a bigger role in an indie film than in a larger budget, box-office hit.  Taking on a featured spot in an indie could mean there is greater chance of using the booking to get one’s name out there.  There is an extensive following in the indie film world, too, so the audience base is likely broader than what you would expect.  People love indies because they tend to focus more on the talent that pull them off than on special effects and other big budget addons.  Even if you already have representation and several credits under your belt, a featured role in an indie could be your golden ticket to finally getting on the map.

It is more difficult to take the traditional route, focusing on securing small gigs first and working your way to the top.  Many actors tend to transition to indies when it becomes apparent the climb up the ladder is much more daunting and time-consuming than they had initially anticipated.  Booking these small spots on big films can limit actors in their ability to show off what they’ve got.  Being able to land a featured role on an independent film offers an opportunity truly showcase their range. 

If you’re feeling stuck and having a tough time taking your career to the next level, perhaps it’s time to make a switch.  Give an indie film a shot and it may just give you a shot at seeing your name on the big screen.

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