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How to Vamp Up Your List of YouTube Subscribers

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So, in an effort to gain exposure in the entertainment industry, you’ve just started your very first YouTube channel.  Now what?  You may be asking yourself how to quickly boost your following so you can expand your reach and start booking gigs.  The key, when you’re first getting out there, it to try to make it over the hump to one hundred followers.  After that, you’ll likely get the hang of what works and what doesn’t, and as long as you continue to employ the same winning strategy that allowed you to reach this point, more subscribers will follow suit.  What can you do to get your first hundred?

First of all, before you go “live,” have a solid understanding of what you want your channel to be about.  Are you going to use it for demo footage or monologue reads?  Are you creating an online web series?  Have a well-defined focus and some content ready to add.  Then, go ahead, and start uploading.

Once your channel contains content you’re sure others will love, it’s time to start marketing.  Who do you perceive your audience to be, exactly?  Make sure you have a focused target audience you’re looking to attract.  It’s great if you also attract others who don’t fit the demographic, but you’ll want to market to your target.  Trying to appeal to everyone will decrease channel value.

Start by creating a welcome video and a trailer.  These pieces will auto-play whenever someone visits.  They’re located on the front page and will allow visitors to understand what you’re all about.  You can keep the welcome video to 30 seconds or less, and the trailer, if needed, should be of average length (2-3 minutes).  These pieces should entice potential subscribers into hitting that red button and checking out the rest of what you have to offer.

Make sure you’re adding relevant pizazz to your channel, too.  Go with a consistent color scheme and upload a skin that matches what you’re marketing.  Add a description that will draw in viewers.  Entice them with a short blurb depicting what the channel is all about.

You can also create video playlists, so if you’re putting together a mini-series you can easily group by season.  Or, if you’re showing up your monologue reads, you can group by genre.  That way, when visitors are checking out your content, they know where to start.

Share your videos to every social media site you have and create a webpage that will link back to the YouTube.  Tell all your friends!  And consider creating a weekly newsletter to blast out to those who’ve subscribed.  Soon enough, you’ll see a your viewership go through the roof!

If you liked this post, please share with your friends!